Quentin Willson’s Smart Buys

Quentin Willson and Philip Bell at LCCS

Classic Cars magazine put on a superb showcase with Quentin Willson’s discussing Smart Buys on it’s stand throughout the weekend, he was joined by magazine Editor Philip Bell and between them they highlighted three excellent choices;

  • Jaguar E-type Series 3 Coupe
  • Bentley Continental R
  • Alfa 2600 Sprint

Quentin and Philip had great insights on each car and made very good cases as to why they are smart buys. The Q+A session with the audience proved to be excellent and Quentin mentioned a few extra vehicles, he personally thought would pay for themselves over the next 5 years.

Each month Classic Cars’ buying and selling guru recommends three classics and one modern classic on the cusp in his Hot Tips section of the magazine. We will be bringing you a live version of this.

Quentin became a household name presenting “Top Gear” and “The Car’s the Star”, and more recently, Channel 5’s The Classic Car Show. Since his student days he has bought and sold more cars than most of us could dream about and he now owns a fleet of classics, taking great delight in restoring them with forensic attention to period detail.

Quentin’s Hot Tips form part of 16 pages of buying advice in every issue of Classic Cars, Britain’s longest-running magazine about the best cars of the past.

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