The Grand Avenue has played host to a wide variety of themes since the inception of The London Classic Car Show. With everything from “The Perfect 10” to “6 Nations” to “A Century of Motoring”… For 2019, we celebrate ‘Firsts‘.

We’ll be showcasing cars that have pioneered new technologies, market niches or styles on road or track. Or cars that made a designer’s name, pioneered a new material or founded manufacturing dynasties.

We will also pay tribute and celebrate the 60th Anniversary of a car that was first on many levels, in technology, function, marketing and motorsport… The Mini.

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Grand Avenue Parade Schedule

 Thursday 14thFriday 15thSaturday 16thSunday 17th
Parade 118:00 - 18:40pm11:00 - 11:40am11:00 - 11:40am11:00 - 11:40am
Parade 213:00 - 13:40pm13:00 - 13:40pm13:00 - 13:40pm
Parade 316:00 - 16:40pm16:00 - 16:40pm15:00 - 15:40pm

Parade 1 Features:

  • Mini Revolution: 60 years of the Mini
  • Under Pressure: A Celebration of Forced Induction
  • And more!

Parade 2 Features:

  • Citroen: 100 Years of Innovation
  • Traction Attraction: A Celebration of Ferguson Formula
  • Ford Capri 50th Anniversary
  • And more!

Parade 3 Features:

  • Bentley Centenerary: 100 Years of Understated Excellence
  • Firsts and Sons: Automotive Pioneers
  • And more!

*Each parade will feature 33+ cars

New for 2019 – Grandstand Seating

Take a seat and watch the Grand Avenue from one of our Grandstands!

For the very first time, the London Classic Car Show will be offering grandstand seating ‘trackside’ for the Grand Avenue parades. Grandstand seats can be purchased as an add-on to standard entry tickets, entitling you to a premium seated view of one of our three daily grand avenue parades.

Seats are limited, so don’t leave it too late! To purchase tickets, please click here

Please note – Grandstand seating is not wheelchair accessible. For any enquiries regarding accessibility, please email

Announced so far for 2019:

  • Wolseley Hornet Heinz 57
  • Vauxhall 'Prince Henry' 4L (1914)
  • URX 560G
  • Unipower GT
  • UFO Shado Jeep
  • TVR 3000S Turbo
  • The Beast
  • Reliant Scmitar SE4 GT
  • Porsche 917 - Icon Recreation
  • Ogle SX1000
  • Morris Mini Mk1 S
  • Mini Maguire Racer
  • Mercedes-Benz 600
  • Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.3L
  • Maserarti Tipo 60
  • Jensen FF Vignale Chassis 6
  • Jaguar XJ220
  • Jaguar V12 E-Type Series 3
  • Jaguar Sport R9R
  • Jaguar MK9
  • Jaguar D-Type (1956)
  • Ford V8 Pilot (1949)
  • Ford Racing Puma
  • Ford Mustang (1965)
  • Ford Model T Tourer (1915)
  • Ford Escort RS Cosworth (1994)
  • Ford Capri 280
  • Ford Capri 1600 GT XLR
  • Ferrarri 166 Inter SuperLeggara Coupe
  • Ferguson Triumph Stag 4x4
  • Ferguson P99
  • Delorean DMC 12
  • Cadillac (1918)
  • Broadspeed Mini Coupe
  • Britax Mk2 Mini Racer
  • Bricklin SV-1 (1975)
  • Bentley Tourer 4.5L (1929)
  • Bentley SC Continental DHC
  • Bentley S3 Continental (1963)
  • Bentley R-Type 'Silver Dawn'
  • Bentley DFP 12/40hp 2L
  • Bentley Derby (1930)
  • Bentley Continental GTC SS ISR
  • Bentley 'Gypsy' (1923)
  • Austin Mini Moke from 'The Prisoner'