The Beast of Turin comes to LCCS

With a nickname like “the Beast of Turin” you know you aren’t dealing with any ordinary car. It’s the first car to be announced for the 2018 London Classic Car Show and if you can excuse the pun, we have started with a bang. At 7 litres per cylinder you know that environmentalism and economy aren’t high on the agenda. Think about that for a second. One cyclinder is 7 litres of air and petrol compressing into an explosion, driving the machine forward. The force must be tremendous, the noise deafening and the vibration petrifying.

The Fiat S76 was built in 1911 to tackle the Blitzen Benz and steal it’s crown as the world’s fastest car. Unofficially it held that record, briefly.The soul surviving machine, built before WWI. It produces a tremendous 300 hp with a top speed of 116 mph.

In 1912 it went faster, but alas could not make the necessary return run inorder to secure the record.

We can’t wait to see it at the ExCeL this coming February.

Check out the video of it below and get ready to feel it very soon.