Those magnificent men in their driving machines…

We look back in history to see where our obsession with speed began and turn to the brave racing pioneers of motoring who were inspired by aeronautical engineering to propel themselves to speeds unachieved before.

Presenter, engineer and inventor Edd China presents a showcase of exceptional aero engine machines. Known for his own eccentric engineering inventions and presenting TV show Wheeler Dealers, China was inspired by their outrageous engineering as a child.

With their unmistakable Edwardian designs and vast engines you will have a unique chance to get up close and admire their madness and brilliance. Amongst other incredible machines, the exhibit will feature:

  • 27-litre V12 Thomas Special, ‘Babs’. This historical car was bought in 1925 by innovative engineer and successful racing driver John Parry-Thomas, who broke the world land speed record in Babs in 1926 at 171.09mph.
  • 27-litre Hispano Suiza V12, known as ‘Sid’ for its characterful hissing after a fast run.
  • 1921 V8 GN Curtiss, the classic GN racing special designed by Ron Godfrey and Archie Frazer Nash.


Hispano Suiza Delage